Don't Give Your Money To Beggers

4 December 2011, 12:00

Northampton Community Safety Partnership are telling shoppers in Northampton there is better ways to help the homeless

They understand that people feel compassionate towards beggars particularly at this time of year but they are concerned that the money is used to file addictions to alcohol and drugs.

Richard Appleby is the manager of Northampton's Hope Centre, a place for homeless people to go for food, fun and support. He says that it is often the case that street beggars are getting money for their habits.

Julia Rosser goes to the Hope Centre, she was homeless for just over a year after a relationship breakdown. She says:

"There is some people who don't touch drugs or alcohol at all they are genially begging to get some food or clothes, basic items like a warm coat, a pair of shoe that don't leak there are lot of people genuinely out there for that"

Christmas is a time where people want to help the homeless. Julia used her first hand experience to tell Heart how she thinks people should go this:

"if you see them out, especially in the evening when its really cold, get them something warm to drink or eat like a burger, a lot of people are really grateful for this. if you have any old coats, hat, scarf or gloves, drop them off to somebody"