Drivers Encouraged To Film Law Breakers

19 September 2011, 06:00

A former Northamptonshire police chief is one of the brains behind a new website encouraging drivers to film those breaking the law and then report them.

Alan Featherstone wants drivers to fix a small CCTV camera to their windscreen which will then be able to film other motorists if they are driving without a seltbelt or whilst on their mobile phone.

The idea is they would then be able to go to his website and submit the video so it can then be passed onto the police.

He's denied it's an invasion of people's privacy: "The only people who are having their privacy invaded are those people who are driving dangerously. If I've got a camera and you're in front of me, you wouldn't know it. Your privacy is not breached in any way, shape or form unless you suddenly slame on the brakes for no good reason and cause an accident."

He tells Heart it could also help when it comes to fighting out insurance claims: "The police are often finding their hands tied and cannot resolve the issue about who was at fault in an accident when two people say completely contradicting things."