Got The Primary School Place You Wanted?

22 April 2010, 07:17

The proportion of parents missing out on all of their top three choices has increased this year.

Figures released by the county council show that 3% of applicants, 236 cases, were allocated an alternative school place after missing out on their top three preferences.

That is a slight increase in percentage terms on last year, but education officials say the vast majority of parents - 97% - did get one of their top three schools and almost 9 out of 10 were given their first choice.

The biggest increase in those missing out comes when you look at Junior School intake.  Here, 48 pupils have failed to get any of their top three places and have been offered an alternative which is more than double the figure for last year.

A spokesperson for Northamptonshire County Council told Heart: "We make every effort to ensure pupils are allocated to one of their preferred schools.  Early figures show that 97% of pupils have been allocated one of their three preferences, with 89% receiving their first preference.  

“For anyone unhappy with the place their child has been allocated, details of the appeals process will be provided with the allocation letters and information about how to appeal is available on our website."