Local Man Takes On Energy Giants

A Towcester millionaire - who made his money cleaning ovens - has been endorsed by the X factor judge after his company chose to support his patron charity.

Paulerspury based not-for-profit firm At Cost Energy was started up by Matt Stockdale to try and provide the cheapest energy in the UK.

The company is part of a business group with charitable foundations that will handover 50% of its profits to good causes.

This year, Matt's chosen charity is Childrens Hospice UK - and Simon Cowell is it's patron.

Simon said: "It is wonderful that any big company is helping such a worthy cause. What Childrens Hospices UK do is so important and so vital, the more people that help, the better."

Matt told Heart: "We're pleased that Simon's aware of what we're doing, and thrilled that he's taken the time to amek public his support.

"With no shareholders to satisfy, At Cost Energy is in essence 'The People's energy company, and as with anything you buy in bulk, the more people that sign up to our service, the better our buying ability, the cheaper the energy."

 Matt launched At Cost Energy two weeks ago and has already signed up to provide energy for over 15'000 homes.