Mum Condemns Web Page Of Missing Boy

21 August 2012, 17:30

The mother of a four year old boy, from Kettering, lost at sea has said she is 'destroyed by comments posted on the internet.

A search for Dylan Cecil's body was called off yesterday after he fell off a jetty in Burnham-on-Sea on Sunday evening. 

His parents desperately tried to rescue him, but were unable to reach their son and had to be pulled from the water by passers-by. 

Now a Facebook page has been set up in his name by someone pretending to be the four year old. 

His mother Rachel McCollum posted on Facebook: 'How low can people be? I tried saving my son and a page (is) set up speaking like they are him.

'I'm distraught he is still missing at sea, i aint slept at all and to find someone pretending to be my son has destroyed me even more.'

The page, which was set up in Dylan's name had two posts on it and has now been removed. 

The youngster had been visiting his grandparents with his mother, father Darren Cecil and two younger sister, aged one and three. 

A growing pile of flowers, cuddly toys and tributes have been placed on the sea wall next to the jetty.