Northants Could Be First To See Reservist Police

3 January 2013, 06:00

Northants Police and Crime Commissioner says he'd like to see a new Reservists Force of police - a UK first.

Adam Simmonds has also told Heart he'd like to see the number of police officers be maintained at 1,220 full-time equivalent, the strength of officers who were in post when the Commissioner came into office (this is in contrast to forecast falls in numbers in most other forces in the country).

It's part of the last stage of a public consultation (see HERE for more details).

Commissioner Simmonds told Heart: "In line with the public’s clear priorities for more visible policing, the Commissioner will support the Chief Constable to increase the proportion of officers who are front-line constables by keeping back-office and more senior roles as lean as possible, as well as seeking to minimise bureaucracy in order to maximise the time front-line officers spend visible in communities.

To majorly reinforce the already strengthened regular police officer front-line there will be a recruitment of a new large-scale (ultimately 200 strong) Reservist force of police officers, paid to work around 20 days a year. This would be a first in mainland UK.

As well as a massive expansion and re-launch of the Special Constabulary and development of volunteer warden roles, the Commissioner is pledging to put 1,000 volunteers in uniform to fight crime and create a visible presence in all of our local neighbourhoods.

Community confidence in a visible and effective police presence in all local communities is critical, with the powers at their disposal to reduce crime and fear of crime and to respond to community need.

In contrast to planned Police Authority reductions and the picture elsewhere in the country, there will be no reduction in the number of PCSOs funded directly by the Commissioner (a number of PCSO posts are directly funded by local authorities, parish councils and other partners, and their investment decisions are not under the direct control of the Police and Crime Commissioner). The Police Cadets will be expanded to have a presence in every major town in the county and will play a more visible role in crime prevention. A major focus on rural policing will tackle the low visibility of the police across more rural areas of our county."