Northants Policeman Dismissed

21 October 2017, 09:09 | Updated: 21 October 2017, 09:11

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A policeman has been thrown out of the Northamptonshire police force for gross misconduct.

A policeman has been thrown out of the Northamptonshire police force for gross misconduct.

28 year-old Declan Gabriel had been found NOT guilty or rape or sexual assault earlier this year, but has now been dismissed for having a vulnerable girl in his police car far longer than needed to, driving past the safe-house where she SHOULD have been dropped off.

He then drove to a secluded lay-by where he proceeded to unzip his trousers and put his hands inside them claiming that he needed to re-adjust his underwear.

PC Gabriel stated during his trial that the teenager then touched him inappropriately.

At no point did PC Gabriel report this incident, nor did he request another officer join him to take the teenager on to the place of safety. He also failed to note the incident in his pocket notebook or on forms he filled in about the domestic incident involving the teenager.

Delivering his outcome, Chief Constable Edens, said: “Police officers are required to be honest and act with integrity at all times. They must not compromise or abuse their position. PC Gabriel, like most police officers, would have operated on trust and therefore would not have needed nor received close supervision. He had a significant amount of power and authority, particularly in relation to a teenage girl who was temporarily in his care. He has breached that trust and exploited that power and authority.

“The gravity of the breaches and the circumstances in which PC Gabriel committed them leave me in no doubt that he has committed gross misconduct, conduct so serious that it justifies dismissal.”

Mr Edens added: “He was entrusted to act in the best interests of a vulnerable teenage girl but he failed to do that.