Pitch Invasion Video Makes Fan A Star

15 May 2011, 07:55 | Updated: 15 May 2011, 08:20

The disabled football fan who invaded his club's pitch in an electric wheelchair says he's surprised by all the attention he's been getting.

Teenager Derry Felton took to the pitch when Northampton equalised against Rotherham in a vital game on Good Friday.  A video of what happened has been viewed online more than 700,000 times.

The footage shows stewards trying to marshal Derry off the pitch.  As a result, Derry's now become something of an internet star.

"At the time, I was just doing it out of excitement," he told Heart, "but I've found out there's not many people who have done it and no-one's ever done it at Northampton in a wheelchair, so I was very happy."

The game against Rotherham on Friday 22 April 2011 was a must-win one for Northampton, who needed points to escape relegation from League Two.  This they have now achieved, with a little help from the point gained that night.

Northampton Town spokesman Gareth Willsher has been telling Heart: "We can never condone any supporter coming onto the pitch at any time but we do understand and appreciate that when we scored our late equaliser on Friday there was a huge outpouring of relief and excitement.

"The holdup was minimal; it was only a few seconds as all the supporters, including the lad in the wheelchair, made their way back off the field. There was never any malice or any sort of aggression in the pitch invasion. It was purely a celebratory nature.

"Football's an emotional and passionate game and it can at times bring that passion to the surface."