Police Launch IPhone App In Northants

11 January 2013, 06:00

Northamptonshire Police have created an IPhone App where usurers can drive a virtual police car around their Headquarters in Wootton Hall.

The aim of the game is to complete the lap as quick as possible but if you drive too fast or too dangerously you'll crash.

The App called 'First Response' has taken two years to develop.

Game creator, Ky Tavinor, says its not just about the game.

The app also includes links to their social media sites on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and also the police website.

He says:

"We hope just to bring a bit more awareness that we've got a lot of electronic channels out there, we communicate well with our public, we just hope they will download the App and use it as a hub to contact us"

Assistant Chief Constable Martin Jelley said:

“We are always trying to think of new and innovative ways in which we can engage with members of the public. The iPhone app is a bit of fun, but also allows people to get in touch with us through our other very popular online channels.”

“The app has been developed internally by a member of the Corporate Communications team who has been working on this for some time, in his own time; it’s great to see such innovation within the Force.”