Police review into Callum's death

3 year old Callum Bland was killed exactly three years ago after wheelie bins were set alight and pushed up against the front of his home.

Police are concerned that the person who set the fire in a wheelie bin next to the house, which resulted in Callum’s death, remains at large.

Det Chief Insp Oliver said: “In recent months we have periodically received pieces of information in relation to Callum’s death that have been subject to investigation.

“From the information that has come in, it is quite clear to me that there is still significant interest within the Wellingborough community about the tragic death of this little boy.

“Callum died exactly three years ago today and the person responsible for his death is still out there.

“I am appealing to anyone with information on their mind in relation to the identity of this person to come forward and tell us.

“I am convinced that there is someone still living on the Hemmingwell estate, or maybe someone who lived on the estate at the time of Callum’s death and who has recently moved away, who knows something.

“We want to get to the bottom of how the fire that led to the death of Callum started and I and my team of officers are determined to do just that.

“I am convinced there are people out there who know how this fire started and by whom. We need those people to come forward.

“However, we need the help of the community to provide us with information to assist us in achieving our aim.

“I want to reassure local residents that Callum’s death has not been forgotten and we are determined to fully investigate the circumstances leading up to the fire.