Road repair plan unveiled

The County Council say instead of fixing roads in a really bad state.... they'll focus on stopping others getting like that in the first place

Under the new highways maintenance plan they're going to focus on maintaining roads that are still in a fairly good condition, rather than carrying out emergency repairs on worse roads as that costs more.

A list of all the areas that have prioritised for work under the scheme has also been published. They are:

Ise Lodge Estate St Johns Road, Kettering

The Inlands, Daventry

Stanion Estate, Corby

Irthlingborough, East Northamptonshire

Ringstead Village, East Northamptonshire

East & West Hunsbury, Northampton

Parklands, Northampton

Moulton Leys, Northampton

Gleneagles, Wellingborough

Redhill Grange, Wellingborough

Whitfield, South Northamptonshire

Bridgewater Drive, Brackley

County Council cabinet member for transport Heather Smith said:

“After two very severe winters we’ve been left with a road network which is in desperate need of repair and it’s essential that we make sure that improvements are made to bring the network up to standard.

“Furthermore we have recognised the irritation of the public who see a quick and speedy repair resulting in the defect recurring in a short timescale, so we will be placing more emphasis on carrying out higher-quality, semi-permanent patching repairs and re-surfacing schemes.

“Our highways are one of the county’s greatest assets and they need to be treated as such and that’s why we’re also ensuring that our highways which are in a relatively okay condition are maintained so that they will be less susceptible to the damage extreme conditions can cause.”