Speed cameras switched off

All fixed speed cameras have been switched off in Northamptonshire after their funding was cut.

The County Council's decided to cut the money it gives the Northamptonshire Casualty Reduction Partnership.  It means the Partnership is being dissolved from 1 April 2011, and fixed speed cameras stopped operating in Northants on 26 March.

Northamptonshire Police - who were a member of the Partnership - say they remain committed to making the county's roads safe and will continue to run operations to tackle drivers found to be breaking the law.

They say they will carry on operating four mobile safety camera vans that will be used in areas where speeding is a worry.

Chief Inspector Sean Bell from Northamptonshire Police said: "Although the Casualty Reduction Partnership will no longer exist from 1 April, I would like to reassure people that we remain committed to keeping the county's roads as safe as possible.

"We take the issue of road safety extremely seriously and will continue to take part in operations to tackle those who put other peoples' lives at risk.

"Driving under the influence of drink or drugs, using a mobile phone, speeding and not wearing a seatbelt are the four key causes of collisions involving death or serious injury in the UK, and our Fatal Four campaign targets and will continue to target motorists committing these offences."