Tributes Paid To Murdered Family

6 May 2011, 11:23 | Updated: 6 May 2011, 12:30

Residents who live on the same street as a family of four who were murdered last week, have paid tribute to them.

Helen Chui, her husband Jifeng Ding (known as Jeff) and their two daughters, 18-year-old Xing (who was known as Nancy) and 12-year-old Alice were found stabbed to death at their detached house in Pioneer Close in Wootton on Sunday evening.

Police are still searching for their prime suspect, 52 year old Anxiany Du, who was last seen on CCTV catching a bus to Wootton on Friday afternoon. Police have told Heart that he had a substantial amount of money on him when he went missing.

Today (Friday May 6th) the residents of Pioneer Close have released the following tributes to the family:

“Helen, Jeff, Xing and Alice were long-standing friends and neighbours and were known to us all in different ways.

“The Close and wider Simpson Manor community is far from being one where people keep themselves to themselves. It is a sociable and supportive environment, but without us all ‘living in each other’s pockets’.

“All of the Ding family were part of that network and will be sadly missed by us all in very many ways. They were active members of the Neighbourhood Watch and on a personal level, involved in the lives of many families on Simpson Manor over a number of years.

“Helen taught Mandarin in local schools and businesses and had a dedicated group of students. Like many people, she juggled her work activity with a busy domestic life.  At home she was the chief organiser, taxi service, enforcer of homework completion and violin practice: a dedicated and devoted mother and wife, and a loyal and supportive friend and neighbour.

“Jeff was quiet, smiling, friendly and always polite and ready to chat when you saw him.  He was very much respected and liked by his colleagues and students at Manchester Metropolitan University.  He was a devoted family man.  Both Helen and Jeff were always keen to learn and understand more about British traditions and history and to discover more about their adopted culture.

“Xing was a kind, happy and thoughtful person, and much has already been written about her exceptional academic and musical ability.  She had accepted a place to study medicine at Nottingham University and had been sharing her excitement about taking that next step in her life with others of her age group at school and in Simpson Manor. With her keen intellect, kindness and consideration she would have made a superb doctor.

“Alice was smiling, lively and curious.  Like her sister she was very talented, both academically and musically.  She regularly played out with the other children in the Close.  Alice had been an anti-bullying mentor at school and had the rest of her promising school life and career ahead of her.

“A family with so much talent, and yet so much humility.

“Clearly we are all shocked and very deeply upset by recent events.  The members of the Ding family and their friends, colleagues and fellow students are in our thoughts.

“While we understand the tragedy has resulted in considerable public interest and media activity, once the police have completed their on-scene investigations we would appreciate our privacy being recognised.

“Out of respect for Helen, Jeff, Xing & Alice we will not be making any further collective or individual statements."