Election 2010: Northants totally Tory!

Northamptonshire has turned true-blue after the votes were counted overnight in the General Election.

Labour's two big casualties in the county are Sally Keeble who lost her seat in Northampton North, and Phil Hope who was ousted in Corby.

The Northampton seat was always going to be close after a change in the constituency boundaries and strong showing from both the LibDems and Conservatives.  In the end, the Tories repeated their national success taking the seat  with a majority of just under two thousand votes.

In Corby, Phil Hope knew he was in for a tough battle after his expense claims were detailed.  Despite being one of the first MPs to volunteer a repayment, there was widespread anger at his claims of more than forty thousand pounds. 

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Still, it could be considered a surprise that a traditional Socialist stronghold town, with a Labour-run council, decided to go for a Louise Bagshawe, a writer of so-called "chick Lit" novels.  A dream ending for her, as she took the seat with a majority of just over 1800 votes telling Heart: "I think it's about time we had some people in Parliament who believe in women and empathise with women." 

And then no real surprises after that.  Despite - or perhaps because of? - Phillip Hollobone's controversial comments about Islamic dress he was re-elected in Kettering with a healthy 9,000 plus majority. 

Peter Bone holds onto Wellingborough.  Brian Binley won - again - in Northampton South - a good result in a patch which had seen some of its more affluent rural areas moved into the new South Northants seat.  That was a landslide for Jacqueline Leadsome with a healthy 20,000+ majority. 

And in the revamped Daventry seat, Chris Heaton-Harris took that by more than 19,000 votes.



Conservative: Brian Binley 15'917

Labour: Clyde Loakes 9'913

Lib Dem: Paul Varnsverry 7'579



Conservative: Michael Ellis 13'735

Labour: Sally Keeble 11'799

Lib Dem: Andrew Simpson 11'250



Conservative: Louise Bagshawe 22'866

Labour: Phil Hope 20'991

Lib Dem: Portia Wilson 7'834



Conservative: Philip Hollobone 23'247

Labour: Philip Sawford 14'153

Lib Dem: Christopher Nelson 7'498



Conservative: Peter Bone 24'918

Labour: Jayne Buckland 13'131

Lib Dem: Kevin Barron 8'848



Conservative: Chris Heaton Harris 29'252

Labour: Paul Corazzo 8'168

Lib Dem: Christopher McGlynn 10'064



Conservative: Jacqueline Leadsom 33'081

Labour: Matthew May 16'520

Lib Dem: Scott Collins 9'964