Women Urged To Name Their Boobs

24 June 2011, 09:47 | Updated: 24 June 2011, 10:33

A breast cancer charity's started a new text message service to help women remember to check for lumps.

Coppafeel want women to give their boobs names like 'French and Saunders' and to text the names in.  Coppafeel will then send a monthly reminder text asking how 'French and Saunders' are, as a reminder it's time for a check.

Kristin Hallenga (right), who's 25 and from Daventry in Northamptonshire, started Coppafeel after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She told Heart: "Lorraine Kelly named her boobs Pinky and Perky so Lorraine would get a text saying 'How are Pinky and Perky today?" She has to text back saying "I've checked" and then we won't bother her any more, but if people don't text back then they'll get another reminder three days later."

Kristin thinks it's vital women check their boobs.  "Especially when we're young, the last thing we think about is cancer and I was just like that.  When the doctor told me it was nothing, I obviously believed her because not in a million years did I think breast cancer could happen to somebody my age."

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