Work To Widen The A14 Begins

11 November 2013, 06:00

The £42 million project to widen the A14 in Kettering has now begun.

The roadwork’s between junctions 7 and 9 are due to be complete towards the end of 2015.

Around 70 thousand vehicles use this part of the A14 everyday

Its particularly busy with HGV's because of it's a direct route between Felixstowe Port and the Midlands.

Kettering MP Phillip Hollobone claims there will be some disruption to drivers over the next two years but says its better than leaving the road as it is:

"The question really is, if we didn't widen the road what would happen? 

"And the result I'm afraid would be speed restrictions taking the speed of the road down to 45-50mph and near permanent congestion within the next 10 years or so"

He claims people living in Kettering support the project and says it will have benefits for drivers and hopefully the local economy.