You Choose - We'll Decide.

£100,000 pounds is being spent on a major consultation exercise to find out what people think about the services they use.

It's after the County Council revealed that it was facing £100 million pounds in budget cuts by 2014.  There have already been warnings of job losses and cutbacks to services but officials decided to try and get more information about how people value the services they use.

The council's planning to use this information to inform them when it comes to deciding which services will be cut and which will be "remodelled."

The You Choose campaign is based around a new website which is basically an open forum for residents to have their say.  You can access the website by clicking here.

Council leader Jim Harker has defended the £100,000 cost of the consultation, telling Heart "in terms of the money we have to spend overall it's a very,very, very small fraction.  I think it's going to be well worthwhile to do it."