Chase Park Festival In Whickham

6 August 2016, 05:00

Chase Park Festival, Britain’s most inclusive festival, is back in Whickham today.

The annual event is for people of all abilities and is the biggest open air event of its kind in the UK.

It takes place from 12pm til 9pm. 

The festival provides disabled people with the opportunity to be involved in an activity that most people take for granted, as well as the chance to enjoy a feel good community event which can help improve their sense of wellbeing.

This pioneering event is family friendly, fully inclusive, free to attend for people with disabilities and tackles many of the social and cultural issues faced by people with disability or long-term illness.

The whole idea behind the event is to be inclusive for everyone regardless of ability. Factors such as remote locations, high expense, access and poor facilities can often mean many mainstream outdoor music festivals can often exclude people with disabilities.

Chase Park Festival also aims to helping break down cultural barriers and stereotypes often associated with people with disabilities by engaging with the whole community.

The festival uses music as the foundation to get people from all walks of life together to enjoy a fun-packed carnival atmosphere.

As well as being a really accessible event Chase Park Festival is very family friendly and there are loads of activities for kids!