Man Jailed For Axe Murder In Stockton

15 February 2019, 17:35 | Updated: 15 February 2019, 17:37

Nathan Davis

A man's been jailed for life for murdering a Dad from Stockton with an axe.

Nathan Davis turned up to 47 year old Craig Barker's home last July seeking revenge, carrying two axes in a plastic bag.

There were 9 people in the house on Cleatlam Close, including children, when 26 year old Davis stormed in claiming Barker's son had punched his girlfriend the night before.

He then attacked and killed their dog Leo before threatening the family, telling them they "were next".

Craig Barker came out of a bathroom armed with a mop when he heard what was happening, when Davis struck him to the side of the neck with one of the weapons.

He was taken to hospital, but died there two days later.

Davis then fled sparking a three-day police search, before he was finally arrested in Darlington, after being chased down a railway line and across a river.

Teesside Crown Court was told that Davis had broken in to people's homes while armed at least twice before.

One one occasion he was carrying petrol bombs and a machete.

The Judge said Davis, who sat handcuffed in the dock, had shown no remorse or any hint of shame.

He remained impassive as the Judge described his "complete contempt for Craig's family", including his seven children, by going on the run and not giving himself up after the killing.

As Davis was led away, he blew his loved ones in the public gallery a kiss.