Man Jailed For Life For Murder Of Hartlepool Mum Of Three

6 February 2019, 16:26

Kelly Franklin

A man's been jailed for life for the murder of the mother of his own children, in a jealousy-fuelled attack in Hartlepool.

30 year old Torbjorn Kettlewell will serve a minimum of 29 years for stabbing Kelly Franklin more than 30 times.

Several people - including children - witnessed Kettlewell attack his ex-partner in DAYLIGHT on a street near her home.

In a statement Ms Franklin's family say she had just escaped a 12 year year long abusive relationship with the 30 year old- and described him as an "evil monster".

They say Julie Wass - a nurse who helped him track down his ex partner and sped him away from the scene afterwards - was supposed to be Ms Franklin's friend and neighbour.

48 year old Wass had a sexual affair with Kettlewell, and would spy on Ms Franklin for him.

After she'd driven Kettlewell to a woodland hideout in County Durham, she returned to the scene to tell officers she knew the victim, but had no idea where the killer had gone.

She's been jailed for 8 years for manslaughter.

Kelly's sister Stacey Franklin stood up in court today to tell Wass, "You are a mother and a grandmother. You were supposedly her friend."

She addressed Kettlewell - who cried in the dock as she told him - "A person like you never deserved her."

"Just know your own children hate you for what you've done."

Kettlewell and Wass

Kettlewell (left) and Wass (right).

Teesside Crown Court heard Kettkewell was obsessed with knives and changed his name from Ian to Torbjorn in honour of a character from a videogame.

He had previously threatened to kill Ms Franklin and the social worker he blamed for them losing care of their children, after he accidentally SHOT one of them with an air rifle.

The judge paid tribute to Ms Franklin, saying she was funny and vibrant, but had been worn down by her abusive relationship with Kettlewell.

He told him, "You did it without mercy, not caring about your children or about the woman that you said you loved".

In a statement Temporary Detective Superintendent Wendy Tinkler from Cleveland Police said, "Kelly Franklin was a domestic abuse victim who was manipulated and controlled by her former partner.

"She was the mother of three young children, she had many dreams and ambitions about what she wanted to achieve for herself and her young family.

"Nothing will ever bring Kelly back and her family will continue to struggle to recover from this tragic event, however, I hope they feel reassured that justice has been served."