Man Jailed Over Nightclub Attack

22 May 2015, 16:09 | Updated: 25 May 2015, 14:57

A man who drank 20 pints before biting another man on the nose and finger during a night out at a club in Sunderland has been jailed.

Anthony Hesslewood launched the assault on a man in Illusions nightclub in Sunderland, after firstly staring him out across the dance floor.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that the victim went over to find out what Hesslewood's problem was and before he knew it the defendant had him in a headlock.

Prosecutor Bridie Smurthwaite said Hesslewood had been staring at the victim's group of friends across the room at 3.30am.

She added: "The victim was drunk but was aware what was happening.

"He noticed the defendant had earlier approached his group of friends and made a comment but he did not appear aggressive at that moment.

"He then realised that Hesslewood was staring at him and went over to try and diffuse the situation.

"The defendant got him in a headlock and as he tried to pull himself away he lunged at him and bit down on his nose.

"The victim put his fingers into the defendant's mouth to try and release his grip.

"Hesslewood then released the nose but down on his fingers before walking away."

The victim was left bleeding from his nose while Hesslewood was detained by door staff until police arrived.

He attended Sunderland Royal Hospital with a superficial bite mark to his nose, which had broken the skin and was bleeding.

Miss Smurthwaite, added: "He attended the hand trauma clinic and was given a course of antibiotics and various injections. There had to be surgery carried out to clean the wound and excise surrounding skin."

The victim said in a statement: "I could very easily have been disfigured from this incident. I’m worried about going out drinking with my friends again."

Hesslewood told police he had been out with his cousin drinking all day and had consumed at least 20 pints of lager and six or seven vodkas.

28-year-old Hesslewood, of Grasmere Terrace, South Hetton, admitted causing actual bodily harm. 

Judge Edward Bindloss sentenced Hesslewood to eight months imprisonment of which he will serve half in custody.

The Judge said: "You simply cannot bite people in nightclubs."