McDonald's Appeal Council Decision For Restaurant In Kenton

5 March 2015, 12:24 | Updated: 5 March 2015, 12:28

McDonald's have confirmed they're appealing a decision by Newcastle City Council to stop them building a new restaurant in Kenton.

The fast food chain was refused permission for the drive through next to the region's biggest school, Kenton School, in September last year.

It followed a campaign by parents and local residents, concerned about the impact on the school childrens' health as well as road safety issues.

Six months later it's now bidding to open its doors on the same site it was previously refused.

A McDonald's spokesperson told Capital:

"After careful consideration we can confirm we have decided to appeal the decision made in September.

We believe opening a restaurant in Kenton will bring positive investment to the area, create over 75 new jobs and demonstrate our long term commitment to the Newcastle area.

We recognise there are concerns from some members of the local community and we hope to work with them going forward and prove the positive impact we can have on the local economy."


UPDATED 5th September 2014

Plans for a new McDonald's next to Newcastle's biggest school have been refused .

Opponents had feared it could lead to rising obesity levels among youngsters, litter and road safety issues.

A meeting of the council's planning department has now decided the plans will not go ahead.

There's been strong opposition to the plans, with a special meeting held last weekend.

The main concerns, as well as increased litter, noise and anti social behaviour, are it being located on an already busy road and public health fears surrounding obesity

The headteacher of Kenton School, David Pearmain, told Heart he's concerned about the extra traffic it could bring to the area.

He said,
"It's very heavy traffic in the area and very busy in the mornings and afternoons.

And in the past there have been accidents involving our students.

McDonald's own research says there may be around 100 vehicles an hour going into that site - crossing where our pupils go to and from school."

In a statement McDonald’s have told Heart,

"We are disappointed with today's decision as an approval would have secured the creation of 75 new jobs and significant investment into the local area. We will take time to reflect on the outcome of today before making a decision about an appeal."

There have so far been more than 200 objections made to Newcastle City Council, and two online e-petitions against it received almost 600 signatures.

Newcastle MP Chi Onwurah tells Heart, 

'I think this is a fantastic victory for democracy. The people have really spoken.

I hope McDonald's respects the decision and doesn't appeal'