Migrants Found In A Lorry At North Shields Port

2 September 2015, 18:36 | Updated: 2 September 2015, 18:40

A group of migrants have been found in the back of a lorry at the Port of Tyne in North Shields.

The group, who were from Albania and Syria, were arrested by Border Force officers yesterday at the Port of Tyne, after they were discovered hiding in the back of a lorry that had arrived from the Netherlands

Fifteen of those found have been taken back to the Netherlands by ferry.

Of the other 5 that were discovered, two have been passed on to social services, as it's believed they're minors.

Two adults are in an immigration detention centre while their cases are investigated.

The twentieth, a 35-year-old man, was arrested on suspicion of facilitation of illegal immigration.

A statement from the Home Office says
'Border Force officers work closely with the police and other agencies to tackle the criminal gangs that attempt to smuggle migrants into Britain.

We continue to use the latest technology including sniffer dogs, heartbeat detectors and carbon dioxide probes to find people hiding in vehicles and freight.'

Meanwhile, the Port Of Tyne say:
'We provided assistance to UK Border Force in their operation at our International Passenger Terminal.  There was no impact on normal passenger and freight services.'