North East Drivers Top Safety Poll

22 January 2016, 05:00

The North East has the highest proportion of safe drivers in the country.

Analysis of black box technology by Direct Line has ranked road users on their driving habits.

The South East finished in last place for careful motorists, according to the study of black box data by Direct Line.

The insurance firm analysed the locations of 10,000 DrivePlus policyholders who scored highest for safety factors such as speed, smooth acceleration and braking.

Once each region's driving population was taken into account it was found that the North East has the highest proportion of the safest drivers, followed by Scotland and the East of England.

Paul Felton of Direct Line said safer drivers with telematics devices in their vehicles are given lower renewal prices for insurance.

He added: ``This will be music to the ears of many young drivers across Britain, particularly those in the North East.''