Police Poster Goes Viral

27 May 2015, 14:11 | Updated: 27 May 2015, 14:13

A poster telling parents in Durham that their kids shouldn't be scared of the police has now had more than 5 and a half million views since it went viral.

The poster, from the Durham Constabulary, is aiming to stop mums and dads saying their children will be taken to jail if they're bad.

The poster features an officer from the Road Policing Unit and it seems his picture is causing quite a stir amongst the force's Facebook followers.

The poster was put on Facebook on Friday night and within 24 hours it had received 2.5 million views and over the weekend that has grown to somewhere near 3.5 million, now it stands it nearly 5.6 million.

The officer, commented: "I am flattered by the attention it has received but at the heart of this is a very important message and whatever the reason, I'm just glad this message has reached so many people.

"Children should be taught from an early age that if they feel like are in danger and they need help they can approach an officer who will reassure them. I would hate to think that parents are telling their kids that we will take them to jail if they are naughty... we're not that scary!"