Sister Of Ashington Pirate Hunter Flies To India To See Him In Jail

28 February 2016, 05:00

The sister of Ashington Pirate hunter Nick Dunn is flying over to India to help celebrate his 30th birthday in prison.

Lisa Dunn had been hoping it would have been a double celebration , with the news that he could be released from jail.

But on Tuesday came the blow that his bail hearing had been delayed and he'll be spending another birthday away from home.

His lawyers immediately launched an appeal in the Indian High Court.

Nick's among a group of sailors arrested by Indian authorities in 2013.

After spending time in an Indian jail, he was released on bail.

Nick saw the charges against him dropped last year but wasn't given his passport back so he could fly home, as Indian police appealed the decision.

They then secured a fresh trial, where the courts found the men guilty.

Lisa told Heart:
"As soon as Nick went inside the prison, we've had no communication, other than 2 letters that the lawyers were able to pass to us.

It horrendous to think that we've been able to speak to him day in and day out, and now, there's nothing.

When I left India 2 years ago, I would never have thought in my wildest dreams that I'd be making that same trip again 2 years down the line.

It's horrendous circumstances, but I'm desperate to get out and see him."