Teesside Headteacher Defends School Trip

17 June 2015, 06:00 | Updated: 17 June 2015, 07:44

A Teesside headteacher has defended her school after some pupils missed out on a trip to Disneyland because too many wanted to go.

Parents of the five boys who weren't allowed on the trip to northern France, which includes a day at the theme park, were angry that not enough places had been booked for the year six visit.

They were attending Whale Hill Primary School in Eston this week while friends were enjoying themselves abroad.

Headteacher Melanie Mellor explained that when the school planned the subsidised trip last year, staff knew not all 76 of the school's year six pupils would want to go.

Staffing ratios and accommodation requirements meant a maximum of 48 places were booked in advance.

When 53 pupils said they wanted to go, parents were warned last year that five would miss out, and that names would be picked out of a hat, she said.

After one boy's family complained an official governors' panel investigated and ruled the procedure was fair.

Mrs Mellor said:
"It is unfortunate, but this is the way school visits are organised, especially in larger schools.'

I think the public needs to be aware that residential school visits only happen because of the commitment and dedication of school staff who are prepared to be away from home.''

The school said activities have been put on this week for the children who were not on the trip.

Parents of some of the five who missed out declined to comment.