Bronze Sword Stolen From War Memorial

8 November 2018, 07:20 | Updated: 8 November 2018, 07:22

The sword was ripped down weeks ago

The sword's been stolen from the war memorial in Bolton Le Sands.

It's made of bronze and was taken two weeks ago.

The piece is 98-years old.

Reverend at the nearby Holy Trinity Church, Nancy Goodrich, said: "People have been quite speechless that anyone could be so disrespectful that they would do this to a war memorial.

"Before the centenary of the First World War - Armistice Day - people just feel that has amplified the disrespect."

The Reverend added she hoped something could be done ahead of this weekend: "For us as a community one of the questions is 'what do we do on Sunday?' - the Parish council are trying their hardest to get something to replace it by Sunday."