CancerCare worker raises £4,000 in Cambodia Trek

2 March 2019, 05:19 | Updated: 2 March 2019, 06:15


Therapy assessor Georgie Whittle trained in the fells for 10 months in the lead up to her 80 kilometre challenge

Exploring the landscape, culture and temples of Cambodia was a moving experience for a CancerCare fundraiser.
Georgie Whittle, a Therapy Assessor, for CancerCare in Lancaster, completed an eye-opening 80km trek and raised £4,000 to help people affected by cancer in North Lancashire and South Cumbria.
She said she had always enjoyed walking and wanted to do a big challenge for CancerCare as it was her 60th birthday in 2018. She had also been personally affected by cancer at a younger age.
She said the gap between the “haves” and “have-nots” in Cambodia was shocking at times and made her appreciate how lucky she was in her own life.
Georgie said: “The journey was an experience in itself as I had not travelled independently to such a far flung place for many years.
“On the first day of trekking we were acclimatising. It was very hot and humid. 
“We trekked through a lot of villages and got to interact with some of the local villagers.
“This gave us an insight into the local way of life. Many people lived in shacks and cooked on open fires. I was thrilled to meet the families in their own environment.
One of Georgie’s favourite memories was of hearing Buddhist monks chanting: “It was 4am and we could hear the monks chanting in the monastery,” she said.
“That was beautiful. They chanted until about 5.30am.”
Georgie said she was glad she had done plenty of training with Lancaster Fellwalkers: “I’m proud that I took it all in my stride. I was smiling, calm and I literally took everything in my stride. I did keep on keeping on!
“There was one particularly arduous and extra hot climb but and I managed to keep up with the people at the front which I was proud of. This affirmed how worthwhiele my training had been.”
On the fifth and final day of her Cambodia trek with ‘Dream Challenges’, Georgie and her fellow walkers arrived at Angkor Wat temple complex.
Georgie grew up in Morecambe and attended West End Primary School and Morecambe Grammar School.
In 2005 Georgie secured a post with CancerCare working as a hypnotherapist on a sessional basis. All of the therapists at CancerCare are now contracted and have more autonomy. Eventually Georgie took on the post of therapy co-ordinator as well as her hypnotherapy work.
“I chose this trip because it wasn’t for a specific charity. You could raise the money for your own chosen charity.”
Prior to the trip Georgie organised various fundraising events including a storytelling evening with Taffy Thomas at the Red Door Café in Halton, a Prize Bingo night at Carnforth Ex-Servicemen’s Club, book sales at Slynedales, a Caribbean Night at the Greyhound in Halton and a fashion show at Morecambe Golf Club.
Georgie added: “I feel very lucky to have done the trek. I think it was very growthful as it tested my strength in every which way – not just physical strength or stamina but emotional resilience and tapping into one’s essence.
“I would urge anyone with the opportunity to visit this wonderful area of the world, not least to support the economy but just to experience first hand the beauty of the country and its people.
If anyone still wishes to donate to Georgie’s fundraising for CancerCare, please go to: