CBE Medal Stolen In Burglary

26 November 2018, 14:04 | Updated: 26 November 2018, 14:13


The award belongs to a doctor

Police are appealing for information after a CBE medal was stolen in a burglary.
It happened earlier this month at a property in Dent, Sedbergh, in which a number of items were taken including a CBE medal.
The CBE medal belongs to Dr John Ashton and was taken from his home during the burglary along with jewellery and a BB gun.
Dr Ashton on the incident said:
"You hear about how awful it is to be burgled and to have strangers roaming around your home and stealing your precious things but it is only when it happens to you that you experience that sickening sense of violation. I am not somebody who cares much about possessions but what has been stolen means such a lot emotionally.
"My wife's jewellery that has gone includes things that were her mother's and grandmother's as well as the diamond and pearl necklace that we bought for my mother when we went to Buckingham Palace for me to receive my CBE. The CBE Itself is irreplaceable because it was put around my neck by the Queen with my mother present not long before my mother died.
"I can't imagine that the thief will have got more than a few pounds for it. I hope that whoever did this will understand my wife and my feelings and return these things which are so emotionally important to us."