Couple Racially Abused Train Passengers

17 December 2018, 13:31 | Updated: 17 December 2018, 13:59


Police have released an image of a couple they want to speak to.

Officers from British Transport Police are looking to identify them after passengers were racially abused on board a train travelling between Edinburgh and Lancaster.
At approximately 6.30pm on 11 November, a man and woman were being disruptive on board the service, playing tag up and down the carriage.
Other passengers asked the couple to settle down, however they became abusive. They attempted to provoke a fight before racially abusing an Asian couple, asking them to bring them "fried rice" in an offensive accent.
They were eventually removed from the train at Lancaster station.
Officers believe the man and woman shown in this CCTV image may have information which could help them investigate.