Do The Lakes Need A Tourist Tax?

21 September 2018, 06:16

Lake District

The South Lakes MP has set up a survey about whether the Lake District should have a tourist tax.

Foreign visitors would pay a little extra for accommodation, with the money going towards local infrastructure.

Tim Farron says they’re common in Europe, and wants locals’ thoughts.

He said: “During my recent summer tour, the idea of a tourist tax was mentioned on numerous occasions as a way of tourism being able to more directly benefit local communities.

“Heavy government cuts mean local authorities have less and less money and so we need to explore more avenues to raise money to cope with an increasing number of people visiting the Lake District.

“However, tourism plays such a vital role for our economy so any new scheme that is brought in must not be so drastic that it puts people off visiting our beautiful part of the world.

“That’s why I want to hear from local residents about whether or not a tourist tax is a good idea, and if so how they would you like to see it work.”

To take part in the survey, head here.