Four Rescued Near Lakes Beauty Spot

20 August 2018, 06:04

Patterdale MRT

Frustrated mountain rescue volunteers have had to rescue four more people trying to reach the Lake District beauty spot, the Priest's Hole.

They weren't prepared for the wet weather and needed rescuing somewhere near Dove Crag in the early hours of yesterday morning.

The Priest's Hole has become popular since featuring in a TV show a couple of years ago.

The Team’s leader, Mike Blakey, said: "The Priest’s Hole is not an easy place to find and it sits high on the face of Dove Crag, an overhanging cliff. The route in and out can be dangerous and the start of the path can be difficult to locate, even for experienced walkers who know the location.

"I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of understanding and taking note of the weather forecast. Just like last weekend, the unpleasant weather was forecast and therefore wholly predictable. Walkers must make sure they are properly equipped for their adventures and the weather. This means that you need waterproofs when it rains.

"Although rescue teams are always willing to respond to those in need, people do need to make sure they are well prepared and resilient enough to at least take care of themselves until rescuers arrive. With the right equipment people can often take care of themselves and walk out after sunrise, when things often look better.

"When anyone calls for a mountain rescue team a chain of events unfolds from the 999 telephone call onwards. It starts with team members being alerted (by the Police, ambulance or Coastguard) via SMS, email and landline messages from the SARCALL system. One simple call can wake forty team members, as it did at 0400 this morning. From that point on, the rescue team’s duty leader will try to establish contact and work out where the injured or missing person is. In this instance, they were sitting right on the ‘border’ between Langdale MRT and Patterdale MRT. Given the four people were reporting that they were very wet and cold, both rescue teams went to their aid.

"On this occasion, as the people had a 4G signal, we asked of them to download OS Locate onto their mobile device. Within just a few minutes they were able to provide the team with a grid reference, which turns a potential search into a rescue as team members can go directly to that location."