Kendal Rugby Club Pies Win 14 Awards

19 March 2018, 10:39 | Updated: 19 March 2018, 10:41

Chef Graham Aimson

Kendal Rugby Club's pies won 14 awards at the latest British Pie Awards.

Their Bramley apple variety was crowned Dessert Pie Champion.

Mintbridge's chef Graham Aimson's previously won national recognition for his pies at Morecambe FC.

Graham said: “In the case of a sweet pie like the Bramley apple, one of the secrets is to really concentrate on making the pastry like a delicious, buttery, soft shortbread and then having it packed full of fruit and flavour.

“It’s similar with the chicken, ham and leek [highly commended by the judges] - you need to get the sauce to meat ratio just right, so the filling is really like a beautiful stew that you’d happily eat as a meal in itself. And, as with everything we make here, it’s about sourcing the best local ingredients and preparing them in a loving way.”

Mintbridge general manager and director of rugby Steve Whitehead said: “It’s fantastic for Graham and the club to get the recognition we deserve for the food we’re offering here, both in the restaurant and bar and at the servery.

“A pie is something that’s very honest and comforting, but really stands out when the excellence and the quality is there. In that way it’s very appropriate that we’ve won these awards, as the whole ethos of Mintbridge is to be a place where everyone feels comfortable and gets a warm welcome but also offers genuinely high quality food and drink.”