Lancashire Police Cars Vandalised

6 June 2019, 12:37 | Updated: 6 June 2019, 12:42

Police car

Hundreds of pounds worth of damage has been caused.

Police chiefs have slammed vandals who trashed two police cars - and today warned the culprits 'we are coming for you'.
The patrol cars, Peugeot 308, were attending a call on Forshaw Close in Fleetwood last night (June 5th) when they had their side and front windows smashed causing hundreds of pounds of damage.
The cars are now unavailable to attend emergency incidents.
An investigation is underway.
Detective Chief Inspector Rebecca Smith, of West Police, said: "This mindless violence means we have two fewer police cars out protecting vulnerable people and attending incidents. I would encourage anyone who knows who has done this to contact us as the actions of these individuals has impacted on a much wider community.
"I would also encourage the culprits themselves to come and speak to us voluntarily. If you don't then we will find you and come for you."