Man Charged With Assaulting Two PCSOs

11 October 2018, 12:14


Paul Carr was arrested on Tuesday in Whitehaven

A man has been charged with offences including the assault of two Community Support Officers in Whitehaven.
Paul Carr, 25, of no fixed address, was arrested on Tuesday (9 Oct) after entering Morrisons in Whitehaven - in breach of the terms of his Criminal Behaviour Order.
Carr was arrested on suspicion of two counts of breaching a Criminal Behaviour Order, theft from shop and two counts of assaulting PCSOs.
It is alleged that one PCSO was punched in the stomach and the second was pushed to the ground.
Inspector Craig Lory said: "Any report of an assault on emergency services personnel who are going about their duty is taken extremely seriously.
"All emergency services personnel should be free to go about their work without fear of being physically attacked. In this instance, both of the officers are doing well following the incident.
"Whenever and wherever such an offence takes place, positive action will be taken to put alleged offenders before the courts."
Carr has been remanded to Durham Prison and will face court at a later date.