Police Ready For Kendal Calling

24 July 2019, 06:12 | Updated: 24 July 2019, 06:38

Kendal calling

Police, festival organisers and security teams have been working together for months

Cumbria Police have put months of partnership working and planning into effect, in the run-up to this year's Kendal Calling.
Police, festival organisers, security teams and other key agencies have been working closely for months to provide a safe and enjoyable festival experience for revellers.
Police are currently in attendance on site, with drugs dogs carrying out strategic sweeps of the grounds and surrounding areas. The drugs dog will now regularly sweep the area until the festival's conclusion. 
This year's event will see a number of working dogs on site, including drugs and general purpose dogs, to ensure the safety of festivalgoers, and to deter offending. There will be detection dogs on every gate to deter those considering bringing illegal drugs on site.
Superintendent and Kendal Calling Police Gold Command, Justin Bibby said:
"We want everyone to have a fun and enjoyable festival. Months of planning between police, festival organisers, security teams and key agencies have taken place with the safety of attendees always the priority.
"All our officers, staff and police dogs work tirelessly throughout the festival to help attendees have a brilliant festival, reduce offending, including the reduction of illegal substances brought in to the site. They are also there to protect the public dealing with incidents such as missing people reports and to keep the peace. Every year we have a fantastic team of Special Constables, PCSOs, Constables and our dog section.
"We are pleased to be continuing our #NoDrugsNeeded, an online campaign promoting the positive personal action of just deciding to enjoy the experience of the festival without the need to use substances. We want to challenge and change people's perception of drugs use. We should be celebrating people's ability to have a good time without drugs; enjoying the company of friends and family, the music and the atmosphere. Those who can have a fantastic festival on their own merit with #NoDrugsNeeded are the ultimate winners. The campaign will run on Snapchat with GeoFilters, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
"We will also be continuing our Summer Personal Safety Awareness campaign offering personal safety advice on all our social media platforms. You can follow the campaign through the #ThinkSafeCumbria.
"For anyone attending the festival for the first time or looking for festival advice, you can find information on Kendal Calling's website, the Constabulary's website, and festivalsafe.com. All of these sites have vital information on keeping yourself safe and what to pack and what not to pack.
 "We are looking forward to supporting this year's event, if you see an officer please do say "hello". I wish everyone a brilliant, safe and fun weekend with friends and family."
Five top tips for a safe festival:
1.    Don't take valuables on site.
2.    Only bring drugs medically prescribed to you onto site and carry your prescriptions in case you are searched.
3.    If you see anything suspicious or feel uncomfortable on site report it to an officer or event security.
4.    Bring an old mobile phone and a charging pod - there are also charging bays on site.
5.    Arrange a rendezvous site each night with your friends, and make sure you all get back to your tents safely.