Re-think Needed Over Kendal Post Office

3 November 2018, 06:44

Tim Farron Post Office

Kendal's post office is set to relocate next year

Local MP Tim Farron has secured a meeting with a top manager from Post Office Ltd over the closure of Kendal's post office.
At the meeting in Parliament earlier this week, Tim raised concerns that the relocation would lead to a reduction in services and would create significant problems for people who need disabled access.
Post Office bosses say that a consultation will start in January on the proposals lasting for six weeks.
Tim said: "It was good to secure this meeting with Richard Hall as I was able to convey just how concerned local people are about this decision.
"I was very disappointed that he had no answer to my question about disabled access into WHSmith which is an issue that local residents have contacted me about since the closure announcement.
"Having told me that he has never visited either our Post Office or the local WHSmith store, I've asked for a follow up meeting in Kendal so he can see for himself how unworkable this relocation would be.
"I also made it very clear that we are a community like no other. And that when health bosses have tried to downgrade our hospital or after Northern tried to take away our train services, we have fought tooth and nail and have won those battles and we will so again."