Swimsuit Campaigners Press MP On Lido

11 May 2018, 06:06 | Updated: 11 May 2018, 06:10

MP Tim Farron (not in swimsuit)

Swimsuit clad campaigners ambushed their local MP in Cumbria on Thursday to try to save an outdoor pool.

MP Tim Farron was faced by locals in swimming costumes during one of his advice surgeries.

The council wants to fill in Grange Lido; residents would rather see it restored to its former use.

That would make it one of just seven active lidos in the country.

One campaigner told us she remembered its heyday: "Swam here as a young mum with my kids. It was fantastic. The whole community - everyone - was down here all through the summer holidays. It was absolutely brilliant.

She added politicians should save it: "Leave a legacy for the town. How wonderful would that be? There are lidos opening up all over the country. So to pour it in with concrete, I think, would be a tragedy."

The Save Grange Lido group want to use money from the likes of the Heritage Lottery and the Coastal Communities Fund to bring it back into use.

Phil Bradby, Co-Chair, said: "“Surely we owe it to ourselves to fully explore all the real possibilities the Lido offers; rather than going for the most basic option available by pouring concrete in the short-sighted hope that the what the council see as a liability will go away.

W"e have a real opportunity to preserve our heritage and give the Lido a new purpose and evolve, move forward and add vibrancy to Grange’s tourism offer once again.

"The Lib Dems have promised a “light touch’ renovation of the Lido but we are struggling to see how filing the pool with 445,000 gallons of concrete fits this plan. They have earmarked £1.8 million to be spent on the lido and we would like to know exactly how much of this money they plan to waste on filling in the pool.

"Instead of spending £1.8 million on ruining the Lido why not add to this money with funding from sources like Heritage Lottery and The Coastal Communities fund and do something really amazing. With matched funding there would be much more money available to spend restoring it properly”

South Lakeland Council says filling it in with concrete and using it as an open space is a more affordable plan.