Update On Lancaster's Music Coop

24 December 2018, 06:23 | Updated: 24 December 2018, 06:26

Music Co-Op

Lancaster council is being urged to 'make good' on the decision rescind the eviction notice

Several Labour Councillors have written to the Lancaster council over the Lancaster Music Coop.
The letter to chief executive Susan Parsonage and monitoring officer David Brown calls on them to make good the council's decision to rescind the eviction notice.
Halton ward Councillor Kevin Frea then attended a meeting with ward councillor Caroline Jackson, Ms Parsonage, David & Holly from the Musicians Coop and other council officers at Lancaster Town Hall - at which officers agreed to lift the notice.
Cllr Frea said: "We welcome this and the notice must now be rescinded without further delay.
"However, I also made clear that myself and other Labour Councillors expect the rest of the motion agreed at council to be implemented.
"This includes the granting of a long-term lease on the existing Co-Op building, which should remain as part of any future Canal Quarter development."
Councillors who wrote to Ms Parsonage and Mr Brown included Cllr Kevin Frea, Cllr. Carla Brayshaw, Cllr Rob Devey, Cllr Jean Parr, Cllr Colin Hartley, Cllr John Reynolds and Cllr Andrew Kay.