Sex Abuse Inquiry Sets Up Wales Office

26 October 2016, 07:29 | Updated: 26 October 2016, 07:43

The independent inquiry into child sex abuse has setup an office in Wales in a bid to reach out to potential victims.

The “Truth Project” has been established to allow victims to share their experiences .On Wednesday, Professor Alexis Jay, chairwoman of the probe, attended the launch event in Cardiff.

 It’s hoped the move will be seen as a positive and important step forward in uncovering historical cases of abuse in Wales. Ahead of the opening, Prof Jay said: ``I am delighted be in Cardiff today to meet with representatives from across Wales to discuss the work of the Inquiry. In particular, we want to highlight how victims and survivors can share their experiences with us as part of the Truth Project.''

Chris Tuck, from the inquiry's victims' and survivors' consultative panel, said: ``We acknowledge the courage that it takes to share an experience of child sexual abuse but each experience shared will make an important contribution to the work of the Inquiry.

``Victims and survivors can share their experiences with the Inquiry in a safe and secure environment during a private session. Specialist support will be available to each person who engages with the Truth Project. They can be accompanied by a family member, friend or other support person of their choice.''

 The inquiry has been dogged by controversy following a string of high profile resignations and claims of racism by former Chair Dame Lowell Goddard – an allegation she denies.

Last week, Prime Minister Theresa May told MP’s that she was aware of concerns directed towards the inquiry, but the then Home Secretary said it was not for her to intervene in the running of an independent body.

Last week, Prof Jay, who is the inquiry's fourth chairwoman, unveiled her strategy to complete most of its work by 2020.