Wrexham binman jailed for terror offences

19 May 2017, 12:59

Manchester Crown Court

A binman has been jailed for five years after converting to Islam and posting comments on YouTube encouraging terrorism.

Isis supporter, Aabid Ali, 49, from Wrexham, was found with maps of Parliament, looked up security arrangements at Number 10 and spoke of using a car as a jihadi weapon, Manchester Crown Court heard.

He had changed his name from Darren Glennon and converted to Islam 20 years ago.

The council binman became fixated with extremist ideology watching videos of Isis beheadings, stonings and bombings and looking up how to make explosives.

He had visited Downing Street and told his wife of his desire to bomb an RAF base and attack nightclubs.

When she told police it led to heightened security at the army barracks where she worked, the court heard.

Ali told officers: "Everyone loves a bomb. I like the sound of a bang."

He pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to two offences of having Isis publications, bomb making manuals, useful for terrorist purposes and a further count of encouraging terrorism, all committed last autumn.

Ali shrugged his shoulders as he was jailed for five years and four months by the Honorary Recorder of Manchester Judge David Stockdale, who said he had shown, "no remorse, no regret, no apology".

He added: "This is extremely serious offending, you are patently fixated with extremism and terrorism and you are minded to encourage terrorism in others.

"You show no sense whatsoever of retreating from your path into radicalisation."