Carer's Trust

Carer's Trust

Having a carer in the family can affect everyone as a whole, which is where the Carers Trust North Wales Crossroads Care Services step in.

Name ring a bell? Crossroads was first started in Rugby over 35 years ago by a small donation from the TV programme ‘Crossroads’ to set up a service for families caring for someone to reflect a storyline in the soap. 

The charity provides groups for children with disabilities, sibling carer and parent carer groups, and one to one support in both Flintshire and Conwy Counties. By offering support and providing activities for children, the Carers Trust North Wales Crossroads Care Services allow family members some quality time that help the family unit cope better in their caring role. 

The group support around 75 children a year, and helped 45 families last year by providing 775 hours of one-to-one sessions and 48 sibling carer groups.  

At Global’s Make Some Noise, we’ll be funding their work for the support and group activities they provide for young people with complex disabilities who need full time care. We’ll also be funding groups for their siblings for the chance to have a break and meet each other. 

From playing sports to taking part in art, cooking and singing, the varied activities also help to encourage peer support by offering siblings and young children with a disability the opportunity to join in while giving their parents a much needed break. 

You can find out more about the Carers Trust North Wales Crossroads Care Services here.

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