April Jones: Parents Show Strength

30 May 2013, 13:46 | Updated: 31 May 2013, 07:35

Leading investigators in the April Jones case say Paul and Coral Jones showed dignity when faced with the most horrific revelations from the trial of Mark Bridger. So they could see justice being done for their little girl.

Police officers who supported them throughout their ordeal and the detective who led the hunt for their daughter's killer say they deserve some form of closure to mark April's death. Detective Superintendent Andy John said: ``The family have shown enormous strength, courage and dignity. I think in the most difficult of times they have managed themselves extremely well.''

He said he had ensured the family had been kept informed as the investigation progressed and that he now hoped the bone fragments found in Bridger's woodburner, which the prosecution said belonged to April, could be returned to her parents so they could carry out some form of funeral for their little girl.

Detective Constable Dave Roberts and Detective Sergeant Hayley Heard, were appointed to act as family liaison officers on the morning following April's abduction and they too had praise for the way they conducted themselves throughout the most traumatic of times.Det Sgt Heard said: ``They are very united as a couple. They've got other children as well, which I think gives them the strength and courage to carry on. They have shown amazing dignity throughout the whole of the investigation and they're very honest with each other and honest with us.

Det Con Roberts said: ``The trust element, both ways, has been their tribute.``They have been privy to some dreadful information as this investigation has gone on, at very early stages as well. And yet nothing has ever leaked.``They kept it to themselves, we asked them to for obvious reasons, and they have done that.``The other thing is they have trusted us and they have allowed us to, not organise their lives, but set the course to get them through this dreadful period of time.''