Liverpool Family Need £100k for Treatment

14 June 2016, 15:29 | Updated: 14 June 2016, 15:48

Charlie Fearns, 10, needs treatment in the US after being diagnosed with leukaemia for a third time.

Ten year old Charlie was first diagnosed with leukaemia in 2009 where he was given chemotherapy, but after the condition returned in 2012 Charlie underwent a bone marrow transplant and had been living perfectly well.

That was until earlier this year when his dad Robert told Heart they started to notice something was wrong: "It was mid February we noticed Charlie was getting severe headaches and back pain, you know your own children and you know when they're not well and so we took him up to Alder Hey.  They couldn't find anything and sent us home. 

"A day later, we were actually in a shop and he dropped to his knees, the noise the kid let out was just, it was horrifying, something I'd never heard before from Charlie and we took him back to the hospital.

"They kept him in and did tests of the fluid in his spine, and we got pulled into a room with out Charlie of his brother Harrison.  "I didn't want to go into that room, I knew if they wanted to take you away from your children to talk about it that news was going to come.  "They told us anyway and it was another kick in the teeth for living such a good life for that period of time, it was really heartbreaking."

The plan was to try and get Charlie onto a new trial treatment at the Great Ormond Street Hospital, but with only one space available each month Charlie was unsuccessful.  Rob isn't angry about that decision: "As a parent it's obviously not something you want to hear, but you have to take your own emotional side out of it and see it as well clearly, you have to put your faith in these professors and they've done it based on who's got the biggest chance of this working.  "I'm not bitter about it, it's not the decision I would have wanted, we just need to get him to Seattle now and get him fixed."

That treatment isn't funded by the NHS and costs £100,000 with family and friends now working to raise the money needed.

You can find out more about the fundraising efforts on their Go Fund Me page