Call For More Women Firefighters

Heart's Alison Spooner... As A Firefighter


At present 2.75% of firefighters are women

Jenna Carhill is one of the 36 women firefighters in Greater Manchester, she completed her training before Chistmas and has told Heart: "It's a dream kind of job, it's helping people, it's building on yourself it's working with a team, its everything you want in a job. If you can do the job you can do it, so if more females get in, the better really"


Watch Manager at Eccles Fire Station David Minto said "We need to get away from this stereotype that all firefighters are male because we want more female firefighters and we need them. It's just can you meet the required fitness to get inside the job and once you do that its just maintaining it as it is for all of us"


The service run taster sessions for people interested in becoming firefighters. Participants take part in a bleep test before being kitted out in firefighting gear and helmet to unreel a fire hose, carry a ladder, rescue a dummy and, wearing breathing apparatus, crawl through a tunnel blindfolded.


Take a look at Heart's Alison Spooner taking part.