Cancer campaign back, thanks to Heart

A Facebook campaign to get women to check themselves for signs of cancer is back after Heart stepped in.

'Happy Baps' was set up after one Cheshire woman wanted to do something proactive to get more ladies checking themselves for the signs of cancer.

Clare Taylor from Crewe set up the page last Friday and in just 48 hours had got more than 2000 other people joining the group: "I put on my status 'am I the only one sick of these chain messages?', the colour of my underwear doesn't make me think about checking my breasts, I know what would, a comedy boob."

Claire disguised her chest to look like a pig and set it as her profile picture:  "I had a load of friends saying it was a fantastic idea, my idea was that when somebody sees a breast you think of a breast but done in a nice and fun way that might make someone think to check."

On Monday the group was deleted by facebook without any prior warning.  Fans of the group contacted Heart to see if we could ask Facebook why.

We got this response: “We're very glad to know that people are using Facebook to share their experiences overcoming cancer. We take no action on most photos of people who share pictures of mastectomies.

"However, we do review photos reported to us and may remove those that violate our policies. These policies are based on the same standards that apply to television and print media.”

After speaking to Heart, Facebook went onto the group to delete any pictures which broke their policies, and allowed the group to be re-opened.