The dangers lurk under the water

Quarry managers urge people to stay away from deadly sites

During the past two years, six teenage boys have died across the UK in accidents in quarries.

In Wales, 47% of the quarry managers who responded to a new nationwide survey said that they had problems with people trespassing onto their sites.

Teenagers are the age group that cause the industry most concern and the campaign particularly focuses on helping young people to better understand the risks - dangers such as ice-cold water, steep cliffs, falling rocks and quicksand pools - associated with trespassing and the tragic consequences it may have for their friends and family.

Will Taylor runs the Cemex Quarry in Holywell, North Wales:

North Wales Quarry

The Stay Safe campaign also hits out at irresponsible adults who fail to recognise that their own trespass leaves holes in fences for children to gain access and at those who post material encouraging trespass on the web. It was particularly disappointing that at sites experiencing trespass problems, two thirds of the managers reported that this included people over the age of 25.