Family Tribute To Liverpool Stab Victim

26 October 2017, 13:25 | Updated: 26 October 2017, 13:31

Empire Bar vicitm

The family of 21 year old Sam Cook have paid tribute to him.

They have honoured Sam by revealing what he had planned for the future and how he loved his family.

"Words can in no way begin to described the devastation and despair that has gripped our family since the senseless passing of Sam on Sunday. We stand together in a tunnel with no end, in a darkness without light; every question should have an answer and every nightmare an awakening, and yet we turn to each other and can offer nothing.

"But Sam will show us the way.

"Sam always wanted to help people. He was happy, caring and passionate about life and he will continue to look after us all... sitting with his Grandad Jack.

"Sam approached his 21st birthday with a bright future ahead. Under the guidance of his dad, he was to follow in his footsteps and become an electrician. He studied hard and worked harder and earned the respect of all of those he came into contact with. Like so many young men in Liverpool he was immaculate and always tried to look his best, much to the amusement and general mickey taking by his Grandad Dave. He tried to attend every Liverpool game accompanied by his two younger brothers, siblings who have lost their hero and their role model. We are thankful that in such a short life he accomplished so much, made so many friends and experienced the love and companionship of his girlfriend. But he was just 21, a young man with so much more to give. The memories of a happy, beautiful little boy kicking a ball about in the garden or tucking him safely into bed, seem like only yesterday...

"Our Sam is and will always remain in the hearts and thoughts of his mum, dad and step-mum Claire, nans and granddad, brothers and cousins, uncles and aunties, girlfriend and friends. Our lives can not and never will be the same. We hope and pray that throughout his life and in his final days he knew that no one could be more loved.

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank family and friends for all their support, to thank the brave members of the public and emergency services who fought in vain to save Sam's life and to express our gratitude to the wider Liverpool community who have, in their thousands, offered such tremendous support.

"No family should experience the desolation of such a cowardly attack. Life is too short and should be treasured above all else. We know the police are doing everything they can and are leaving no stone unturned but we would appeal to anyone who may have any information to come forward so that justice will be done for Sam."