Flood victims warned about Rogue Traders

9 January 2013, 05:00

Denbighshire Council warning residents to be careful of dodgy builders

New year, new challenge for people in St Asaph and Ruthin who've been flooded.  Hundreds of homes were affected when the rivers Elwy and Clywd breached flood defences sending water surging through the streets.

Now Denbighshire's Trading Standards officers are sending out information packs telling people where they should turn to for help as they get their homes back in order.

Cabinet Lead Member for Environment, Councillor David Smith has been telling Heart that their haven't been any cases here yet: "we hear all sort of horror stories from other places that have been flooded and people move in, offering to do this, offering to do the other, and we don't want this for our residents.

Councillor Smith went on to explain the information packs which are being sent out:  "What the best approach is, how to approach different builders, different pople who sell things just to make sure they're not conned."

Denbighshire Council has its own list of contractors to tender for work.  The list is available via. the Customer Care Centre on 01824 706 100 (Welsh) or 01824 706 101 (English)